Epilepsy affects the brain and causes seizures. It made you feel more positive about your performance because you knew that if anyone in Europe hadnt seen the skirt-rip yet that was the moment where theyre not gonna forget us., Were there any wardrobe malfunctions down the years? The first nail in the band's coffin was a 1984 coach crash, which happened when the group was returning from a sell-out concert in Newcastle. The thing that you have in the back of your mind is theres an awful lot of one-hit wonders out there, he tells me over Zoom, and I suppose I saw the song as not the most credible piece of art., Enjoy unlimited access to 70 million ad-free songs and podcasts with Amazon Music Sign up now for a 30-day free trial, Aston remembersthe bands personalities being all very different, different ideas, different backgrounds, different experience. 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Cheryl, 62, Mike, 61, and Jay, 55, now perform as Formerly Of Bucks Fizz with new band member Bobby McVay. I look at it now, I look like I was 12, this skinny little girl. The group was a four piece boyband, consisting of Nolan, Ben Ellison (who replaced Ricky Gallahad), John Humphreys and Peter Pereira. I found that really frightening as I had no idea what was wrong with me and why I couldnt speak. Shortly afterwards doctors told him he had epilepsy, a diagnosis Mike took years to accept. Though strangers until they entered a rehearsal room together early in 1981, the members of Bucks Fizz already had a wealth of showbusiness experience behind them, and no few links to Eurovision. A tangerine saved my life: the coach Bucks Fizz were travelling in after the crash in 1984, Both personally and professionally, the crash shattered Bucks Fizz. Mike is great now, they have changed his medication and he doesnt have to have nearly as many drugs. Nolan along with singers Bobby G, Cheryl Baker and Jay Aston became known as Bucks Fizz. Two versions of Bucks Fizz were touring the UK and another Bucks Fizz original member, Bobby G brought a case in the High Court against Van Day. As always you can unsubscribe at any time. Or by navigating to the user icon in the top right. Mike and his fellow band. I felt the cold breeze and I was slightly horrified. I really missed the old Mike. I was told afterwards Id gone into a coma and doctors had 11 crucial minutes to get me to the operating theatre at Newcastle General where the surgeons drilled into my head to release a blood clot on my brain, he said. Other activities outside of Bucks Fizz include appearing on stage in a number of Pantomimes. I started to suffer mood swings and my personality changed. in 2018, the band released Christmas with the Fizz, followed by Smoke & Mirrors (The Fizz album) in 2018. Bobby was his own man and I was the vote in the middle. Mike and Cheryl were thrown through the windscreen, while Jay and Bobby, still on the coach, sustained injuries. We use your sign-up to provide content in the ways you've consented to and improve our understanding of you. It was a real let-down for me because it had been my childhood dream and to lose so badly and for the memory of it all not to be as good as I wanted it to be, I went into the 1981 Eurovision with my eyes wide open, expecting it to be the same. All four singers were injured and required hospital. The impact was about 75 miles an hour, it was horrific, we were thrown all over the place. Three years after they won Eurovision Mike nearly died when the groups tour bus hit a lorry. That went on for a few months. As a member of Bucks Fizz, he won the 1981 Eurovision Song Contest and achieved 20 UK top 60 singles between 1981 and 1988, including three number one hits. Bucks Fizz originals Jay Aston, Cheryl Baker and Mike Nolan will tour the UK along with Bobby McVay in Formerly Of Bucks Fizz from September. Thats possibly why we signed one of the worst contracts we couldve possibly signed. I was told afterwards Id gone into a coma and doctors had 11 crucial minutes to get me to the operating theatre at Newcastle General where the surgeons drilled into my head to release a blood clot on my brain. More serious, long-term ocular damage can occur for a variety of reasons but is less common. After six weeks of physio Mike was allowed home but the accident had taken its toll emotionally. [14] His support for this charity also incorporates "The Mike Nolan Brain Damage Fund", which was co-created by fellow member Baker. As always you can unsubscribe at any time. Something went wrong, please try again later. They were designed to be a 1970s version of The Monkees. There was one time on live TV in Holland, going out to millions of viewers, when Bobby completely forgot to rip my skirt off, so I did it myself, Aston laughs. Then I collapsed in her arms. Through coach crashes and clandestine affairs, the recriminations. We use your sign-up to provide content in the ways you've consented to and improve our understanding of you. It was that moment we realised our lives had changed with a silly three-minute song.. I thought the music was getting louder and louder but it wasnt in reality. I also was suffering temporary memory loss. I honestly think that in 10 years time, if were still doing it then, we might be on Zimmer frames but when the skirts come off the cheers go up, every time., The song is quite magical, says Aston, laughing at the impact those throwaway three minutes had on her life. He still needs daily medication and struggles with his memory. It wasnt my cup of tea, says Laurel Canyon fan Baker, while Bobby G, having heard it had started life as a commercial jingle, had concerns for its longevity. Things kept playing on my mind. Look how old we are, were getting our pension and yet when the skirts come off the cheer goes up, to this day. During their time in the band, they were involved in a bus crash that left all the members seriously injured. On top of that, Cheryl also managed to move into television, fronting shows such as Record Breakers and her own Saturday morning cooking programme, Eggs 'n' Baker. But with the right support, at the right time, we know there can be life after brain injury. I went to speak but I couldnt and mumbled to cover up. She said to ask for some painkillers, but the nurse couldnt give me any straight away so she opened the window. Pop star Jay Aston says leaving band Bucks Fizz in 1985 was the worst financial decision of her life. Bucks Fizz have been called out for 'LYING' about the reason behind their name change. The Bucks Fizz star has revealed how he has tried to remember what happened. We all thought that was the end of the band, the end of Mike. You can't turn the work down. In 2013-14, there were 162,544 hospital admissions for head injuries alone. I'm not a saver, I never have been.". I was sitting at the front of the coach, Aston recalls of the journey home from a sold-out gig in Newcastle, and I decided to go up the back to go to the loo and there was some fruit rolling about, so I grabbed the fruit just as it was about to fall on the floor and then I saw my manager and I went, oh, because I needed to talk to her about something. The last thing I remember is someone shouting and then our coach collided with a lorry. On their return from Dublin, Fizzmania had broken out. IT'S fair to say The Fizz have had a difficult 18 months. The contractual litigation that followed Astons departure in 1985 would force her to sell her dream home to pay legal bills running into hundreds of thousands of pounds; I had hardly anything left by about 91, she says, and it was only a solo deal and the opening of her own Theatre Arts School which turned her life back around. THE LAST time pop group Bucks Fizz stepped on a bus in Newcastle it almost killed them. We were kept in a separate hotel, we had our own separate coach and outriders on motorbikes whizzing us through red lights, taking us on the wrong side of the road. The impact of the smash catapulted Cheryl and me through the windscreen.. When I was about nine I had a little book and I had a list of all the things I wanted to achieve, says Aston today. The company is family owned and highly values relationships often going beyond the call of duty to help a customer. There was always a desire to progress musically, Aston explains. We looked a state, covered in bruises and bumps, and we joked about what our fans would say if they saw us. 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And it was crunch time for Aston. I had no idea when I auditioned for Bucks Fizz that it would take off in the way it did. Now, 25 years after the horror smash, they have faced their fears and recreated the journey along the Great North Road that was almost their last. But the brain injury he suffered in the accident has left him with no recollection. As always you can unsubscribe at any time. British pop around that period, I think we were at the forefront of pop music in the world, and I think it has become part of that., Its part of me now, its part of my DNA, says Baker. But her experience is not the first time the band have stared death in the face. Mike and Cheryl are joined at the hip, they absolutely adore each other. Id quite often agree with Bobby because Mike and Cheryl, even to this day, would go the opposite of Bobby., Bucks Fizz performing at the 1981 Eurovision Song Contest in Dublin, In 2015, Baker admitted to having fallen in love with Nolan when she first saw him but attested that nothing untoward had ever happened between them. Michael Buble has encounter with drunken Newcastle revellers on Bank Holiday Sunday, Singer Michael Buble explained what happened when he went out for a meal in Newcastle on Bank Holiday Sunday, Loose Women's Denise Welch takes stand against King Charles in Coronation 'snub' on ITV show, Loose Women star Denise Welch spoke out against the Coronation in a debate about the event on the ITV show, Tribute to 'absolute diamond' who tragically died just 17 days after his stepson. I remember Bobby G had sung his solo and I went to the mic to introduce our hits medley. "I remember seeing Cheryl lying in hospital with all this oil and glass in her hair, and having the worst headache imaginable," he previously told The Mirror. When I eventually started rehearsing again a few months after the crash I struggled to remember lyrics, says Mike. If I had a wish, I would ask God for my licence back! I also started having seizures which affected my speech. The guy who advised us to sign it was fired a month after we signed., On the big day in Dublin, Bucks Fizz were kept under high security due to an IRA threat. My husband now was in a band at A SongforEurope, says Baker. But, on the anniversary of the groups success in the Eurovision Song Contest with Making Your Mind Up, Mike says he still does not remember that night. I have GP check-ups every six months and I go to the gym three or four times a week again. The Bucks Fizz star has revealed how he has tried to remember what happened. There were definitely two camps, says Aston. [8] After three days, he awoke and spent the next six months recuperating before returning to work with the group, although the effects of the crash still affect him today.[9]. It was the third day after the coach crash that I thought, Ive got to get out of here for my own health and sanity.. With tensions rising within the band and their team (Aston would later reveal shed been having an affair with Hall) and rockier mid-Eightiessingles seeing their star decline, Bucks Fizzs peak era came to a screeching halt on 11 December 1984 literally and almost fatally. It took a long time to feel my usual self again at least five years. My eyesight was permanently affected. It was worse for my family because they didnt know if I would survive and if Id be brain damaged at the end of it. "Then I slipped into a coma for six weeks. I have to work. Mike and his fellow band members were on their way back to their hotel when their coach collided with a lorry. Cheryl added: I know it was a disastrous thing to happen, but we all survived it and I think that is something to celebrate. Back in December. I heard someone say, were gonna hit that, and that was when we hit this massive articulated lorry that had loads of steel on it. He was very much a tea-drinking mans man, but women make the tea. What happened on January 13, 1982. There were about 20 of us on the coach at the time. BUCKS FIZZ star Bobby G, has hit back at his ex-bandmates following the legal battle six years ago which led to Cheryl Baker et al being forced to change their name to The Fizz. It was a devastating time. The main girder of the coach went directly through the toilet area. A couple of days after the operation my head and face started to swell as fluid began to build up around my brain. Doctors initially thought Mike had pulled through but he took a turn for the worse and collapsed after suffering a blinding headache.
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